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We are a leading UK skate product manufacturer that has been providing robust ramps for more than 25 years


During this time we’ve been doing more than just getting tricks right!  We’ve worked incredibly hard to improve, not just our products but also ourselves, as a brand and as a company. By focusing 100% on the manufacturing process we are the highest quality skatepark providers in the UK.

Urban Ramps’ history dates back to 1987 to cater an emergent American trend that was expanding very quickly across the UK and the rest of the world. Since then when the brand was a pioneer responding to a big demand with different solutions: we have used different materials and worked with different partners but most importantly we have listened to the demands of skatepark users. We have also extended our product range to cater for evolving trends within the wheeled sports scene.

We understand skating provides a constant challenge that helps build self-confidence and self-discipline that is beneficial at any stage: kids, teens and adults alike. We support any type of initiative that facilitates access to skating. We passionately believe in engagement in local communities and providing our users with the opportunity to remain active.

All Urban Ramps designs comply with the latest safety requirements of the British Standards EN 14974 for skate equipment, which can be independently verified by a RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) inspector if required.