• Outdoors DJ station

Our FONO DJ Table provides a unique creative hangout for outdoor spaces

The FONO DJ Table incorporates an interactive DJ table (decks) which you can use to play and mix your own music from any device that has a built in speaker, for example your mobile phone.  Real DJ’s helped in the development of FONO DJ Table which explains the amount of similarities to the professional equipment that they use. Users can amplify sound from any music player device whilst the sound proofing walls avoid disturbing the neighbours.

FONO DJ Table key features:

  • Compatible with any smart phone, Ipod or Mp3 player
  • Freely accessible
  • Challenging for teenagers
  • Expresses creativity
  • Self sufficient and eco friendly

You can read more about product features in the FONO DJ Table informational brochure or you can simply watch the video to see FONO DJ Table in action!


By using solar energy, the FONO DJ Table is eco friendly and self sufficient.  Its heavy duty and waterproof structure makes it highly resistant to vandalism and harsh weather.  This durability does not compromise the ability to produce mixing with sound effects and other DJ functions.

Because of its robust design, the FONO DJ Table can be installed almost anywhere, from play areas, skate parks to other outdoor spaces.  The FONO DJ Table is easy to install and is almost maintenance free, so it can be installed in a day.