Heavy duty steel BANNERS

We are the UK’s leading manufacturer of steel ramps


We have invested in our manufacturing process and now offer the highest quality steel ramps on the market in the UK.  Urban Ramps steel skateparks are:

  •  All steel construction
  •  Modular in design
  •  High impact
  •  Long lasting and safe to use
  •  Have long guarantees
  •  Made in the UK guarantee
  • Compliant with BS EN 14974


We are one of the few skatepark companies involved in all the stages of the manufacturing process. Our factory is located in Kent in the South East of England, where our team have worked with steel for decades and are now real specialists within this field. We don’t know how much you know about skatepark materials, but we definitely want you to know all about ours; without getting too technical, we’ve managed to explain the technical specifications of our heavy duty steel range in 10 short key features.