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Why would we build a skatepark that nobody likes? We enjoy talking to you to make sure we create the skatepark you want. Consultation is simply at the heart of Urban Ramps.

For those using a local skatepark regularly, they end up owning the site, feeling it as theirs, as home. Because of the amount of time and dedication most users spend in a skatepark, it’s absolutely important to ensure that everyone is engaged at the very early stage of the project and to consider the thoughts of everyone. Only by applying that vision we can make the desires and dreams of the local community a reality.

Community consultation: what do we mean?

In most cases, a member of our experienced team will carry out our simple ten point plan consultation with the community that has proved a success with over 150 skateparks throughout Europe we’ve been involved with. This plan covers questions such as who are the main users in the skatepark (skateboarders, scooters or BMXers) what design do users like better or which are their preferred skate elements.

What if there is no existing community?

We can best help when there is an existing group or community of users. If this doesn’t exist, we can still help you by giving you practical advice on how to gather a representative community group. Check our Consultation guidelines to get an idea on how to get started. 

Make sure the community is as broad as possible. Many communities find it helpful to set up a Facebook group page freely accessible to everyone as well as a great tool for sharing any updates regarding the status of the project.

Only once we believe we’ve got all the key points covered we are able to submit a winning design. This is where our old tagline “By skaters for skaters” makes sense fully, as we would only proceed with a design if we’re sure it meets its users’ needs.